Williams Manufacturing Company was established in 1943 in the USA as a company that makes pinball machines and arcade games. It took only a couple of decades only to reach another top - lottery terminals. WMS is perfectly known in the USA as it’s a company with a very American outlook and orientation. Their slots in the land-based casinos got crazy popularity a long time ago, and till now you can find them at the rate of the most popular games of all the times. Despite the fact that Williams Company integrated into Scientific Games Corporation in 2013 it still works under its own names, and we realize their video games exactly as WMS games. Their slot machines are simple, look like a classic slot with Bonus and Scatter features and perfect graphic. But the new generation of them is provided with 3D graphic and thus satisfies even the most demanding gambler.

Unique WMS slots in the online casino

There is nothing strange or special in the fact that today we have a chance to play our favorite online machines for free or for real money from the place where we are – Ninjaslotsonline.com. WMS online casinos provide us, gamers, with the most important features and attributes of the online slot that we need: impressive graphic design of each game, fantastic sound for every theme, basic and additional features to make it even more interesting and increase an amount of gamble in our veins.

Play for real money and get the amazing win

Where to play WMS real money slots? Every casino that cares about its clients and wishes to represent the most interesting products to them includes these games into its range of slots. All you need to get the win is to learn the specification of these games. They are simple. This is the key to the successful result. There are several ways to win money: to beat out a winning combination of the symbols or play in Bonus round. Most of the games by William Company are made like that. One of them that attract the attention thanked its theme – Jungle adventures – slot “Amazon Queen” has those features which increase your win up to the sky. The symbol of Waterfall is Wild here, the Queen of Amazon rainforest is Scatter. They both bring money to you, but the Scatter also triggers the bonus round where you get free spins. Max amount of free spins is 100! This is enough to make you rich even without the multiplier.

Play WMS slots free anytime

Sure, the gamble is much higher when you make a bet for real money, and you get the win. But if this is not your case it does not mean that you are out of the league. There is a way to enjoy WMS slots and not spend real money. Almost each has a free version that you pay spin absolutely for free. Here is the guidance for you to start playing. Find the casino where WMS free slots are represented, look through the themes and choose the one you like the most. Once the game is opened in the new window, choose the number of pay lines, then make a stake and push the button Spin. By the way, the number of pay lines may rich 50. Just imagine what will happen if you make luck work for you. Note that here you make stake only using virtual money. Now everything depends on your luck. If you are lucky enough you will see the Bonus features on the screen, if not then simply change the stake or the number of pay lines and continue. This is a great way to learn how online game work and if you wish to try your luck for real money. WMS slots free play is a guarantee of pure joy and the great time you have while playing these world popular video machines.

Is it possible to play your favorite slot on mobile?

There is no doubt that everyone can play free WMS mobile slots on the mobile phone. Mobile versions of your favorite games are exactly the same as if you play on the big screen of your computer. Before loading and make it work perfectly, make sure the OS of your mobile correspond to technical options for the games. You can browse the game online or download them to the mobile and play anytime you wish. WMS slot machines are available for iOS, Android, and Windows. The range of the online games by William Company is one of the widest ever. Just take a look at the titles and use them to choose the one you really are interested in: