Stickin Rich is the unsurpassed slot machine game developed by the International Game Authority (IGT). If you wish to partake in a sport that allows the players to make extreme money, you will find the Stinkin Rich in the list.  The graphics of this sport is wonderful, and the music that is being played while you play is remarkable as well.

Stickin Rich Features

Have a look at the bonus rounds that come with the countless payouts, you are going to love that. This marks the game favorite among all types of players and especially those who want to make more money. You can avail the video slot machine if you are going to open the land-based casino. Let’s dig into the game a little to understand its basics:

  1. The Stinkin Rich free slot machine has the 5 reels, and overall there are 100 pay lines. This makes the game the favorite game at the casino. You will be getting a number of chances to win as the payout potential is quite high.
  2. You will find loads of symbols that include the skunk, a rotten egg, garlic, cheese, smelly shoes, a rabbit and the wealthy spoiled brats. The colors are quite heavily bright as well as shiny.
  3. The graphics are quite good, and you will also enjoy the background music. It’s a smooth sport as well as the user interface is quite easy to use as well.
  4. There are various bonus and awards that will come across your way as you will move forward. We have the Trash of Cash picker bonus offer. If you get the Trash of cash symbol in the last three columns of any payline, then you get this bonus, and you can win 40x times the bet.
  5. If you get five rich lady symbol in last five columns, then you can win 1000x times the bet value and yeah that is some amount for all.
  6. You can always select the bet per pay line and the number of pay lines selected. You need to use the left and right arrow key for this.


If you think of the Stinkin Rich slot machine strategy, then you should forget it completely. The wild symbol appears on the 2, 3 and 4th position. You can keep in mind this. But you are not going to be entertained this way. The only thing that will help you is to understand when and how you win. That will help you understand the sport, and if you are not declared the winner on some occasions, then you can claim as you know the rules. The trick is not going to work.

You also get a chance to win the s Stinkin Rich slot jackpot every now and then. As said you can get the Stinkin Rich video slot machine as well, and that is going to entertain you. The best part of this is that you get a long list of chances to win the money. That makes this the most liked slot sport in the casinos. You are not going to find a game as good as this in the casino, and you can play it online as well.

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